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Most Common Questions

Q: Where’s some Carbonaut bread near me?

If you’re in Canada or the United States, check out our Where to Find Us page for a list of retailers. If you’re anywhere else, you’ll just have to come visit, and bring an extra suitcase.

Q: Can I get Carbonaut online?

Yes, absolutely! Click our “Shop Now" link above for the list of our online retailers, as well as brick and mortar locations.

Q: How do I keep my Carbonaut fresh?

Our bread has a 10-day shelf life, so if you plan to eat it within a few days, keep it wherever you want and don’t worry about it. Otherwise, stash it in the fridge. Or in the freezer if you want to save it for way later.

Q: Is Carbonaut supposed to be sold frozen? I just bought some and it wasn’t frozen, but I’ve seen others mention that their bread was.

Some of our retailers put our bread in the freezer, and others don’t. It’s really up to the retailer. But honestly, it’s delicious either way. And frozen or not, any Carbonaut product you buy is definitely fresh.

Keto Certified Questions

Q: Wait a minute. How can Carbonaut be Keto Certified if it has starches in it?

Don’t let the word “starch” throw you. The vast majority of starches in Carbonaut products are resistant starches. These RS4-type resistant starches don’t get identified by your body as starches, so they’re not digested the same way other starches are. They pass through your system and your body treats them the way it treats fiber—no transformation to glucose, no blood sugar spike, no keto problem. They’re even safe for diabetics.

Our mission with Carbonaut is to create low-carb bread that tastes like it came from the corner bakery, so for us, taste and texture are paramount. And we use a little teensy touch of regular starch (well within the miniscule realm of keto safety) as food to feed the yeast in our bread, so our bread bakes up with the characteristics of bread, rather than those of a brick. The good news: virtually all of this starch is consumed by the yeast as it works to make the bread rise. So none of it is really left to make a meaningful impact on our carbs.

In any case, we swear on our mother’s oven that every single crumb of everything we bake is super keto compliant. Carbonaut is Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation, the world’s #1 leader in keto certification, and we would never compromise that.

Q: Why do you use sunflower oil in your products? That’s a dirty oil and not keto.

Poor sunflower oil. It gets a bad rap sometimes, but there are actually a few different types of sunflower oil. It can be high in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, or it can be high in linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, or it can be somewhere in between. Carbonaut uses only high oleic sunflower oil a high quality oil with a high smoke point that’s very stable for cooking, beneficial for a keto diet, and good for the body in general. In fact, the FDA supports the health claim that oils containing at least 70% oleic acid may reduce coronary heart disease.

Q: Why do your products contain sugar?

We know that some low-carb and keto purists flatly abstain from all sugar. But when it comes to baking, there are some practical reasons for using just a smidge.

Because yeast needs something sweet to feed on if it’s going to work up enough energy to make the bread rise. With absolute zero sugar to feed the yeast, you end up with a dinky little brick-like loaf that’s better as a doorstop than on the table. Which is fine if you need a doorstop. But with just the ittiest bit of low-glycemic coconut sugar, we at Carbonaut have achieved a truly great rise, taste and texture, without compromising ketogenesis. We believe it’s worth it, and we think you’ll agree.

Q: Who certifies you as keto?

We are proudly Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation, the #1 leader in keto certification worldwide, and we wear this distinction like a badge of honor.

Ingredient Questions

Q: I have a peanut allergy. Is Carbonaut safe for me to eat?

Absolutely. No peanut (or any tree nut for that matter) ever darkens the doorstep of our bakery.

Q: I can’t do gluten. Does Carbonaut have bread for us gluten-free life forms?

Yes! And we’ve been told it’s the best tasting, most satisfying gluten-free bread out there. Check our WHERE TO BUY section for your most convenient source.

Q: Bamboo fibre? That seems like an odd ingredient. Why do you use it?

Bamboo shoots are a staple in Asian cooking. Low in calories and high in many nutrients, bamboo fibre is a high-grade food ingredient that bakes up really well and satisfies you, but doesn’t get absorbed by your body. It’s a nice, clean ingredient that makes great bread, and helps keep your net carb count low.

Q: Do Carbonaut wheat-based products contain sesame?

We use sesame seeds in some products made in our wheat bakery. This includes Carbonaut Seeded Bread which declares sesame as an ingredient in the ingredient statement.

The following Carbonaut products produced in our wheat bakery may contain sesame:
Carbonaut Original Bread
Carbonaut U.F.Oat Bread
Carbonaut Hamburger Buns
Carbonaut Hot Dog Buns

Please always refer to actual packaging in-store, which is the most current and up-to-date source for allergens and ingredient information.

Q: Do Carbonaut gluten-free products contain sesame?

No. All gluten-free (wheat-free) products produced by Carbonaut, including the gluten free seeded loaf, are made in a dedicated sesame-free bakery.